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More than English Class

Song Choice- Burnin' Up by the Jonas Brothers

Blasting the Jonas Brothers, Sarah Harris jammed out while driving her Mini Clubman in British racing green.

She loved the massive expanse of the Texas landscape; the car could drive for miles before even seeing a person. Sarah liked it that way.

Not to mean that she didn't love spending time with her friends, it just got exhausting sometimes.

Also, it was a nice change of pace from the crowded streets of Scotland where she had spent her summer visiting her extended family.

Of course, that is where she got her strawberry blonde hair from. Sarah Harris was just entering her senior year of high school, a new school.

Her parents plucked her from the security of the house she had spent her entire life in. California suburbs were much different from Dillon, Texas.

At the same time, she thought, as she drowned herself in pre-teen pop songs from years ago, it was good to not have everyone know you.

No one in Dillon saw her as a chubby middle schooler, knew about her unstable family, or had pre- formed notions of who she was. This could be good- she thought as she let out a sigh from chorus.

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