More Than Co-Stars
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A short story by mrsacrichton adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

More Than Co-Stars

"Don't go" Ben's voice called gently to her from their super sized bed.

This was the first time they had been together, just them, for almost a year.

Ben had done the convention tour on his own the year before when Claudia had been ill with the flu.

Now it was them, no Fran or Jamie.

"We have to. Breakfast with the fans in 30 minutes." Claudia said as she put her heels on.

"Screw the fans" Ben crawled over to her on the edge of the bed behind her. "I . want. You" He kissed her neck and shoulder, his hand was moving to her centre under her pail jeans.

She gasped at the feeling growing in her stomach.

"Mr Browder you shouldn't speak like that about the fans" Claudia mock scolded him.

"You can punish me later"

"Don't tempt me" She bit her bottom lip. "Later. Now your gonna be late if you don't get showerd now. I got a call to make. I'll be outside. Come and get me when your dressed.

" Claudia stood up picking her iPhone up from were it had been charging and her cigarettes before walking out their room.

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