More Than A Dream
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More Than A Dream

I woke up slowly, with the mother of all headaches. All I felt was pain, dull and thumping around my skull like a wrecking ball.

Everything inside my head was loud bells and hammers, everything outside my head was all muffles and fuzzyness.

I was never going to drink again.

I didn’t even remember going out last night, which was bad. I’d never drunk so much that I couldn’t remember the previous night.

The worst I had ever been during a night out was a little dizzy and giggly then I would stop drinking, to afraid I’d make a complete idiot of myself, like everyone else my age seemed to do.

Moving my head a little to the side I groaned

I tried to think but my mind was foggy and slow, trying to remember anything felt like I was wading through molasses.

It was too hard everything was so befuddled, cloudy.

It was no use,

as much as I wanted to roll over and sleep off this hangover I knew I would have to get up and face the day in order to figure out whether or not I was meant to be doing something important.

This wasn’t going to be pretty.

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