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A fiction by anniemariemargaret adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

More like friends

Michael wakes up through feeling of the rising warmth at his right side of the body where James lays hunched aside.

Hand on his chest, James's face hidden in bending his neck with one leg lays between Irishman.

He tries to remind himself what it is about and makes himself aware that yesterday Bryan Singer threw a party after filming the entire XMen Apocalypse film for the whole cast which was in

his villa and lasted right through to the morning. Positively in the end everyone got drunk and landed in vacancies or floors of corridors.

Most clearly now Michael appears to be with James in the bed but in clothes and that thought calms him. Last what he remembers was drinking a few beers with his friend and examining the TV set.

Now when he fully woke up and his head aches after alcohol he realizes what exactly had woken him up.

James has hard bulging in his trousers which he rubbes unwittingly in the sleep against his thigh. Movements more and more hastened and Michael doesn't know what to do. "Fuck" he thinks.

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