More Between Us Than A Wall
More Between Us Than A Wall peter petrelli stories

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A short story by gamebird adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

More Between Us Than A Wall


Peter rushed into it headlong, not stopping to think, because he knew if he did his nerve might fail, his resolve falter.

He might start thinking about what was rational and logical, about other options, and ignore the path foretold by the dream - the path to Emma's salvation and through her, that of many more.

He reached past the brick, impervious to the dangers Matt's voice was trying to hammer into him, and touched the face of his sworn enemy.

The skin was warm under his touch. Sylar's cheek was a little stubbly under his pinky, the hair silken and fine at his temple where Peter's index and middle finger rested.

Peter's thumb pressed lightly against his cheekbone. He felt very human. That, too, was an impression Peter walled off, pushed away, and ignored. He didn't need Sylar's humanity.

He only needed him to save Emma, so that thousands of others wouldn't die. She was the key to Samuel's plan.

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