Moonlight on Snow
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Moonlight on Snow

❄❄ JACK ❄❄

Aw, crap.

The remains of the oak tree are splintered and twisted, bent over the not-cold-enough-to-freeze-a-tree ground.

Exploding trees don’t happen often and are even more uncommon in September, but of course I’d managed it.

I’d only come out to see how the weather was getting on, which is a little warm for me maybe, but not uncomfortable.

I think living in the Warren has been slowly getting me used to milder temperatures.

“Sorry tree.” I pat the bark and sigh. Aster’s going to chew me out for this big time. So much for my accumulated brownie points.

Dammit! It just doesn’t make any sense. The emotional surges and screw-ups I was having earlier in the summer, well… I wasn’t exactly in the best headspace after everything that happened.

But now? What the hell is wrong with me? Why is it still so damn messed up? Yeah, I have believers and Guardian magic, but I’ve been working at this for months.

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