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fanfic by blackeagle posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Luna Goldwin was making her way through the long rows of trees and bushes which were covering a large part of the Malfoy family estate. It was eleven in the morning and the sky was a pale grey.

The air was much too damp and cold for a summer day.

While hearing the quite whistling of birds in the trees, Luna started climbing the white steps of the outside staircase before arriving at the massive walnut wood door.

After a little moment of hesitation, she grabbed the bronze knocker in her shaking hand and tapped it against the door. There, she waited, her heart beating tensely.

The one who answered the door wasn’t quite what she had expected. It was a tiny creature, with enormous tennis-ball eyes. Its stare was suspicious, and it looked as nervous as her.

‘Yes?’ it squeaked.

By the sound of the voice, she concluded that she probably faced a male house elf.

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