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A written piece by likemmmcookies adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Monsters Inside

Dawn crept into Rey’s eyes and she squeezed them against the rising light. A warm huff on her face followed by a soft muzzle nipping at her hair pulled her out of her light doze.

“Stop Evie,” Rey mumbled, swatting in the general direction of her horse’s face.

She sat up, dragging her hands across her aching eyes, then rubbed her aching shoulders, then stretched her aching back.

“Come on, Evie, let’s get going.”

Before long, Rey and Evie were trotting through the forest, fallen pine needles dampening the rhythm of Evie’s hooves and thick fog shifting around them.

Rey tugged her scarlet cloak tighter around her to ward off the chill of the approaching winter, wishing she was home, curled up in front of a blazing fire with a good book.

By noon, the fog and chill had both evaporated under the heat of a cloudless sky. Evie could tell home was near and picked up her pace.

Late in the afternoon, Rey crossed one of the bridges across a chattering brook that surrounded her small village,

practically crying at the sight of the heavily sloped rooves and gridded windows. She tied Evie up in front of the shop of Unkar Plutt, who was unfortunately, her employer.

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