Monster's Don't Change They Evolve
Monster's Don't Change They Evolve skye  stories

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Monster's Don't Change They Evolve

Of all the things that Skye has had to do making the Rising Tide videos was by far the most humiliating of them all.

She was so much better than this and she could do so much more than make videos and do voice overs of the information that she was leaking.

That was another thing.

The whole reason she was in the Rising Tide was so she could keep herself hidden and, maybe also, look up the few of the gifted to make sure they were okay.

She also wanted to make sure they were hidden as well so that they wouldn’t have to go what she went through.

Skye balled her hands into fist closing her eyes for a brief second the hula girl on her dashboard shaking slightly.

she thought

she kept thinking to herself. Finally when she trusted herself enough she unclenched her fist and placed them back on keyboard going back to work.

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