Monster on the Mountain
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Monster on the Mountain

When he returns, Kurogane manages to catch him off guard.

“The hell are you doing?”

Fai shrieks in surprise and freezes on his upside-down perch except for the gentle swing of momentum as the ironworks strain a little under his weight.

“It looked…” The phoenix’s talons flex against the bar. “… fun?”

“Tch.” He spits out another of those annoyed little sparks. “Leave my chandelier alone.”

Fai’s head snaps around to look back up at his perch with the precise, crisp movement of every creature avian. “Would you call this a chandelier? Don’t they need hanging crystals or something?”

There is a distinct growl to the dragon’s voice. “I don’t care what you call it. Get off before you break it.”

Fai considers teasing only for a moment, but the dragon is damp from his flight in the rain. There is just something slightly pitiful about it.

“Now that is an idea for your next lair improvement.” He pauses as he uses his beak on the iron frame to right himself before hopping down. “Crystals to catch the light.”

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