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Monster AU's

Loki lay on the bed, stroking your hair lazily as you rested your head on his chest. The two of you watched your favorite movie in silence, just enjoying the other's company.

After a time, you yawned loudly. Loki straightened up, effectively pushing you off him.

"What is it?" You asked, trying to wake up.

"What's today?" He asked, suddenly looking concerned.

"Err..." you hesitated as you thought. After a moment you told him.

Loki's frown deepened, "damn, what time is it?" He looked over to the window and saw how dark it was getting.

"What's wrong?" You barely had time to ask before Loki was pushing you away and getting out of bed.

"Sorry, (Y/n), I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow." He pecked you lightly before hurrying from the room.

Annoyed you made to follow after him. Every month this happened. Always.

Once, every month, like clockwork, he would suddenly seem to remember the date, and rush from your side like he had an appointment to keep.

You were starting to fear he was cheating on you, even going so far as to ask him. He assured you he wasn't, it was simply a personal matter and couldn't explain.

You trusted him completely so you accepted this excuse, but it didn't stop you wondering.

(It also helped that the date was so accurate each month that it would be suspicious to actually have an affair then. Logically he should try and mix things up if that were true).

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