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There isn't much left of Hidaka Ken.

It's all gone, shed together with his tracksuit as he was admitted to prison. Ken stripped bare after the officer noted all of his belongings, but it's more than clothes he leaves behind.

He's not expecting to ever come out and, in a certain sense, he doesn't. The door is unlocked for him but there's no trace of his his keys, ID or his phone.

He finds a dress shirt instead, with matching black trousers and shoes. A newly issued passport with his photograph and a name he doesn't recognize. His weapon.

"What the hell is this?" he thinks.

"This," Schuldig replies with a lazy smile, "is your get out of jail free card."

Ken thinks back to being locked up and how it felt just right back then, before looking into Mamoru's stern face.

Do not pass. Do not collect $200.

Schuldig just laughs and laughs, and Ken finds himself, for the first time in a long while, cracking a smile.

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