Moments in Love
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Moments in Love

Harry was tired of listening to Ron going on about the "Bossy Little-Know-it-All," but he really wasn't sure how to tell him. Ron was his best friend.

Nobody had ever wanted to be Harry's friend before Ron, so Harry wasn't entirely certain how to tell a friend to stop being a jerk.

Yeah, it was true, Hermione Granger was a bit bossy, but Harry didn't see what was wrong with being smart.

He'd read all of his own schoolbooks before term started, which had all been very interesting, and he wanted to know everything there was to know about magic.

Losing a point in his first ever Potions lesson for suggesting that Professor Snape let Hermione respond to the questions when she clearly knew the answers had been particularly galling.


read his potions book, and he


, but he couldn't remember everything he'd read. Maybe Snape wouldn't hate him so much if Harry had been able to remember everything and answered the questions properly.

Harry had meant to ask Hermione if she had any tips for improving his memory,

but then he'd forgotten all about it after visiting Hagrid's hut and seeing the newspaper clipping about the Gringotts break-in.

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