Moments in Between
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Moments in Between

Greg and Sam were gone for the evening; Sam to stay with his parents and sister, Greg at a departmental meeting that was due to run late into the night.

Ed and Spike were alone in the house, watching the game. He curled up next to Ed and they watched in companionable silence.

Ed had a few beers and Spike watched in trepidation at each drink, all too aware that when people around him drank he usually wound up the worse for it.

“Time for bed, I think.” Ed said, as the match finished. Spike stood and brought their glasses to the kitchen. When he walked into the hall, Ed was waiting for him.

He found himself pushed against the wall, lips pressed against his. He returned the kiss at first, even as the taste of beer on Ed’s breath brought back unwanted memories.

Ed dipped his head lower, mouth on Spike’s neck and hands began to wander. Spike closed his eyes, memories flooding him; other hands, other places.

If he just stayed still, it would all be over soon. Tear leaked from his closed lids and slid down his face. A moment later, Ed returned to his mouth and captured it in a kiss.

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