Moleman's Epic Rap Battles
Moleman's Epic Rap Battles who framed roger rabbit (1988) stories

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A story by moleman9000 adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Moleman's Epic Rap Battles

Dear diary, I'd like to write about today,

And how I sent this whiny hipster bitch packing straight away!

I'll make this battle quick, seal your face with a kick,

Like the psycho killer. Come at me, Misery Chick!

You're a smug, obnoxious Mary–Sue,

And I'd rather share my quarters with Courtney than you!

Moping and doping, that's how all your time is spent.

And unlike you, I at least kissed


You come from MTV? Your reputation must be poor,

When you share your station with Jersey–Fucking–Shore!

So run home, Diarrhea, go make out with Jane,

Before I take this shovel to your spine and break you like Bane!

I've got to be direct, Gwen: you're about to get smoked.

Your whole life, your whole world is just a sick, sad joke.

You think I still care the slightest bit about Trent?

Get with the times, and while you're at it, get bent.

I'm a philosopher, you're a pathetic trash–talker.

Need to know why I'm brilliant? Just ask Doug Walker.

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