Modern Murder Family
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A work by sayoko adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Modern Murder Family

Hisoka put his hands on his hips and listened to the roaring of his fans when the referee announced another victory for one of the favorites at Heaven’s Arena.

It had taken him no time to reach the 200

floor, and the place had already made sure that Hisoka’s fans knew he was back.

His comeback fight had been advertised on several ads and pamphlets, and he was sure his fight had been televised as well.

The victory was sour in his mouth. The person lying on the floor was not supposed to be… whatever he said his name was. No, it should have been Chrollo.

They had talked about it, back when he was still bound by Kurapika’s nen. Hisoka would help him find a nen exorcist, and Chrollo would give him his so desired fight at Heaven’s Arena.

They had chosen the place to ensure that no other Spider would interrupt them. Everything seemed to be going well, until the Spiders decided to interfere in a different way.

The plan went to hell when the Troupe had the audacity of claiming the discovery of the nen exorcist in Greed Island as their own.

The specialist had played along with the dirty lie as well, and denied ever seeing Hisoka inside the game.

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