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Model Behavior

“We’re going to be late!”

Korra sat up in her bed. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and turned to look at her clock. She peered at it for a few seconds before registering the time.

She airbent her sheets off of her and lunged off of the couch.

“We’re going to be late,” she shouted. Korra grabbed her bag by the end of the couch before rushing out of the living room towards the bathroom.

“I just said that,” Bolin yelled back. He hopped into the living room, trying to tie his left shoe while making his way over to his backpack sitting next to a table. “Mako is going to kill us.”

“I told you we shouldn’t have tried hard cactus lemonade last night,” she called from the bathroom.

A few seconds later, she emerged, dressed in her water tribe clothing, and furiously brushing her teeth. “Man, I’m starving.”

“Mako probably picked us up some tea.” Bolin crammed all of his books and papers into his bag before rushing over to the apartment door. “You can leave your bag here. We won’t mind.”

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