Mixed Signals
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written piece by noble_soul adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Mixed Signals

A lone man keeps watch over an unfeeling world of coding and signals. He scans tirelessly for his mark, a rogue anomaly that has been difficult to lock down.

During another sleepless night of the vigil, an older man and a woman join the tech to discuss the progress made from a reliable lead.

Man 1: "This may be it. The description matches and it's remained stable for a decent amount of time."

"But can you be certain?"

Man 1: "Give me another minute and I should have a more definite answer."

The first man swivels his chair to a secondary monitor and types furiously. After what seems like an eternity of keystrokes later, he finishes and faces his superior.

Man 1: "It's what we have been looking for. I'm sure of it this time. The signal has been more consistent and steady then it's been in a while. I have a clear lock on its position.

From what I can tell it will continue to remain stationary for a while still. Thirty minutes at least, if it sticks with the normal pattern that's been reported."

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