Misty's Pokegirl Harem
Misty's Pokegirl Harem misty/ pikachu stories

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Misty's Pokegirl Harem

My name's Misty, I've recently started traveling with two boys, Ash and Brock. But there is something about me they don't know. I'm a Futanari, a girl who also has male parts.

I've never heard of another one so I assume it's just me, alone, with a penis. I've never actually used the thing, aside from occasionally masturbating.

I've heard that Futanari are super rare and super special but I don't know what that means exactly.

Ash is a strong trainer, he managed to beat me and Brock for his first two badges.

Since I've been journeying with the boys I sleep spate from them and when I need some relief I walk off and take care of business.

This is what I'm doing tonight because I can't sleep and my erection is nearly ripping through my shorts.

"Haa!" I moaned as I shimmied out of my shorts and grabbed my cock with my hand, slowly starting to jerk off.

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