Mistaken Identity
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Mistaken Identity

There's always going to be the circumstances you can't plan for. There's always the unexpected relevance and the serendipity.

-Jason Silva

One warm, bright morning, the world's oldest man sat outside a cafe in Colorado Springs,

drinking a cup of halfway-decent coffee and skimming the articles in the newspaper on the table before him.

Not that he was some sort of technological dinosaur, like some of the other Immortals out there.

Methos would deny it to the end of time, but there was a definite sentimentalist lurking inside him,

one that preferred the tactile sensation of turning the pages of a newspaper to swiping his finger across the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

Though this particular newspaper was proving less than engrossing, as it turned out.

Methos sipped his coffee absently, his eyes barely even seeing the words on the page in front of him.

Something about unrest in the Middle East (when wasn't there?), a sex scandal involving a prominent politician (boring, and old news, to boot), a reality television star going off the rails...

He was just about to give up on the paper entirely when someone bumped into him from behind and spilled his coffee.

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