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Missing Scenes

Something seemed to be slowly unleashed in Bones as they continued kissing, Bones growing more and more insistent with each press of lips.

Just when Jim began thinking lightheadedly that horizontal was imminent, Bones suddenly flinched and hissed, and Jim retrieved his head from where he’d lost it.

“First things first,” Jim said, standing from the bed and tugging Bones along with him by the hand. He led him to the closet-sized bathroom.

“You, being the voice of reason?” Bones said skeptically, and then drawled, “Will wonders never cease.”

Jim about-faced at the sink and pressed a solid kiss directly to Bones’s sarcastic mouth.

When he pulled back, Bones was watching Jim like he was something brand new, and Jim felt pride bloom in his chest.

“So how are we doing this?” Jim asked.

Bones stared at Jim another second before visibly gathering his wits.

He opened a drawer, reached all the way to the back behind the Q-tips and toothpaste, and withdrew a wrapped leather bundle with a clasp.

He popped the golden button on the clasp and unrolled it on the countertop like unfurling a scroll.

Inside, tucked neatly into a fold, was a row of small, delicate-looking instruments that gleamed silver in the light.

It took Jim a moment to recognize them as ancient tools for precise surgical intervention: a scalpel, a surgical tissue spreader, and a pair of medical pliers.

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