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Missing Piece

Fraser’s had a hard life; Ray’s always known that.

It was pretty much the first thing he learned about the guy: his father had been murdered, no one was even bothering to look into who did it, Fraser was on his own.

When Ray went looking for him with news and found him in a diner, Fraser looked so alone, so lonely—and that was what did it for Ray.

Maybe he couldn’t right all the world’s wrongs, but here was a guy who badly needed a friend, and Ray could give him that.

Besides being Fraser’s friend himself, Ray’s also encouraged him—okay, forced him—to have more of a social life.  Because the funny thing about Fraser is, he’s a people person, he honestly

people—way, way more people than Ray likes, people it’d be smarter to steer clear of—but he doesn’t actually make friends with hardly anybody.

He doesn’t hang out, he doesn’t know what to do at parties, he doesn’t invite people to things (except for Ray).

So Ray drags him to family dinners and poker nights with the guys from the station and goddamned church choir practice.  Gets him involved; gets him making connections.

It doesn’t make Fraser less of a nerdy weirdo, but it helps.  It makes him less alone.

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