Missed You/Love You.
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Missed You/Love You.

Leito tossed and turned in bed. He wasn’t used to sleeping alone anymore. Damien had made a habit of simply coming over and spending the night after work.

So now, whenever he had to be gone on whatever stupid assignment the government gave him, their bed with the threadbare sheets felt lonely.

The dark haired man missed having someone to wrap his arms around, and fall asleep next to.

Most of the time when he couldn’t sleep he just hopped up to the rooftop of the high rise to exercise until his muscles protested and exhaustion took over. Tonight Leito didn’t feel like it.

Damien had said he’d be back tonight, and he wanted to see him as soon as he returned. He was also so horny it felt like all of his nerve endings were buzzing.

He had already jerked off tonight (while thinking of Damien) but that barely took the edge off of the physical need.

He had been half-hard since he first laid down to try and fall asleep, and it wasn’t going away. All he could to is lie there and hope Damien came home soon.

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