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Misery Loves Company

It was April 8

and the time that the nurse was marking down on the birth certificate was 9:18 pm. Deputy Stilinski was holding his new born son and looking down at his barely conscious wife.

The baby hadn’t stopped crying since it was born, and his father was worried that he would exhaust himself.

He was practicing pronouncing his son’s ridiculous, but sentimental, first name when a nurse came in with a frown.

“Your sister… she’s not going to make it…” The nurse said and his eyes went wide.

“Give him here… go…” Claudia said from the bed, holding her hands out weakly. Her husband placed the boy gently on her chest and she wrapped her arms around him.

When he walked into the room next door, his sister had blood dribbling down her chin from her mouth. He glanced at the crib next to the bed and frowned.

His niece, he was sure it was a girl without being told, was crying exactly the same as his own son.

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