Mischief and Souls
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Mischief and Souls

Very rarely do powerful fae venture into the realm of humans. Usually it was lower level fairies or those banned from Avalon could often be found meddling with humans and their affairs.

Only the lowest fae would spend such long periods losing themselves to cream or gold hoards (although the latter was much rarer now). The human realm was a mess.

It was hardly the realm of the golden age. Demons ran the business of fairies but they tended to be sloppy with their affairs.

For this reason, Puck had avoided the human realm for so many ages.

Instead of pilfering and creating the mischief of his reputation he had spent the last millennia attending Oberon and his court. Nonetheless, he’d heard rumours of two infamous brothers.

Hunters. It had been a long time since hunters had spurred the mouths of Avalon. Puck wanted to play with these hunters.

“Oberon!” the king’s head snapped up. Puck grinned, he loved interrupting royal matters.

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