Miscellaneous Tropes: A Collection
Miscellaneous Tropes:  A Collection emma frost stories

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Miscellaneous Tropes: A Collection

"Dare," Charles says, lips forming uncertainly around the word. Raven's face lights up with glee, a mischievous glint in her yellow eyes spelling impending disaster quite clearly.

Her grin is sharp and wide, cutting through Charles previously small confidence like a knife.

"Well, well, brother dearest. Dare it is. And I dare you to ..." she pauses for dramatic effect, "sit in Erik's lap for the rest of the game!" At this, both boys go positively scarlet.

Charles can feel his heart jump in his chest and his mouth fall open in shock.

"You can't just involve other people in your sick game, Raven, that's cheating!" Erik bites out through clenched teeth, most likely trying to will away the blush on his cheeks.

Charles tries to ignore the small moment of hurt he feels when he realizes that Erik doesn't seem to want to follow through with the dare.

Instead he punches Raven in the arm where she's cackling next to him.

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