Mirage of Blaze Murder File: Definition of Death
Mirage of Blaze Murder File: Definition of Death crime stories

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Mirage of Blaze Murder File: Definition of Death

[Written off and on from October 10th to October 11th of 2005]

[Last edited 8/14/15]

Disclaimers: I don’t own One Piece, Initial D or Mirage of Blaze. Even if I did, it wouldn’t matter much in the end. This story still would have been created out of randomness.

It was with a sigh Flame poured over the case file she’d been handed earlier in the afternoon.

She’d been caught by their boss, Jake Johnson, in the middle of attempting to sneak out of the office to the local movie theater. She’d been bored of the murders occurring as of late.

Kaige was currently on loan to another county, to investigate a recent string of food poisoning.

Upon leaving, the detective had smiled in a decidedly evil matter, and muttered something about how she should have avoided temptation.

Trusting her partner would be back in due time,

Flame eyed the papers in front of her and utterly unimpressed by the lack of imagination the killer had in regards to how he had disposed of his victim, Flame set aside the case file.

She twiddled her thumbs, turned towards the ceiling, noticing how pretty it actually was amidst the small cracks that had began to creep from the corners of the room.

Having her detective’s license reinstated a month ago had been in her favor, but without any interesting cases (or deaths), and with no real fervor in randomly executed mayhem,

Flame had become much like a living ghost.

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