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Hello. Good day. Is it morning, afternoon, or evening there? It's morning here. I'm still amazed by how many situations you can use 'good day' on. It's not really a good day for me, though.

How about you?

When I let my guard down, problems after problems come and hit me. I know this all along, and yet, I…

…Yes, as you can guess, I encountered another case. Another trouble. It is concerning my classmate, Kashuu Kiyomitsu. He is my classmate in 2nd year of high school.

He is widely known for his girlish appearance (not to mention his long hair) and his closeness with girls. He is really popular with girls, but he has never dated any of them, as far as I know.

He is just like another best friend for the girls, someone they can freely talk to about relationships, cosmetics, and so on.

However, the fact that he is close with girls, even with the prettiest girls, makes most of male students at school hate him. They're overly jealous.

They can hardly accept the fact that a pretty boy like Kashuu is popular with girls.

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