Mind of the beholder
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Mind of the beholder

Can we do more with our mind or can we do just thinking? Now I ask you can you think with your mind or can you do different things with it? Or can we kill for ones power?

"Hey guys what are you doing?" MidNite asked walking in the livingroom drying her hair.

"We are being bored so we are thinking if we should go to the park" Ohm said walking up to her and hug her and hold on to her.

"Hehe okay then can we go to the movies?" I asked turning to Ohm.

"Of course. Anything for you" he said giving me a kiss.

"Eww go get a room you two" iNSaniTy said trying not to look at us.

"Haha so are we ready to go to the park?" Johnathan laugh while asking.

"Yeah let's go" Tyler said getting up and still holding Craig's hand.

"How long have we been walking?" Lui asked being hold by Nogla.

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