Million Dollar Man
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Million Dollar Man

Life had been bordering on idyllic since his crew had taken the Union Depository for all they could, and finally dispatched of the threats at their doors, and

of the skeletons in their closets. With a hefty sum in the bank, his family back under one roof, and legitimate work to busy himself with, Michael thought things couldn't get much better.

Or at least that's what he was telling himself.

When the email popped up on his phone, he glanced at it for all of two seconds before clicking it away again, but for some reason he didn't delete it.

It was an unconscious decision, and one he was later glad he'd made. He'd kept a lifeline back for himself, something that might help him survive this revamped retirement.

For as much as he'd hated that smug prick Friedlander for all the judging and looking down his nose he did. Not to mention that damn book he'd written - he missed having someone to vent to.

Without that release, he was steadily bottling things up again and he knew all too well that it would slowly turn him explosively toxic.

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