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Milkshakes & Romances

MIlkshakes & Romances 1

Matthew was just done shooting for the morning when he popped into the make-up trailer and lounged himself into the couch.

„Hey Y/N you got any plans for lunch? “, he smiled. „Nah Kelly and I were just gonna go to catering… why? “, I was nervous, but my heart started fluttering.

When I started as an Assistant Make-up artist on the show a couple weeks ago, I had just been happy to finally have a job and really settle into Long beach,

that I’d meet the cast so up and personal I would’ve never thought.

When I first met Matthew it was on location somewhere in the hills and he came into Kelly’s trailer, coffee in hand and a big smile on his face.

“Hi, I’m Matthew! Sorry I got held up in Pre-Production…”

“Oh no problem! I’m Y/N … I’m Kelly’s new assistant.” He smiled and took the seat in front of me and the big mirror.

It was 9 in the morning, his eyes were puffy and his hair was a mess, but he looked so warm and goofy that it made him just really cute.

I turned his chair around and began to put make-up on his skin.

I leaned in and he smelled so good, like coffee and the warm summer sun. His skin was soft under my fingertips, I looked at him.

Looked at every freckle and line on his face, like I wanted to memorize it.

By now, I knew that face pretty well; I could look at it every morning before shooting and every afternoon for touch ups.

His eyes, always full of excitement and mischief, his dark, curly hair, his lips, so luscious and red.

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