Mighty Long Fall
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A short story by hystericalcherries adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Mighty Long Fall

Sunlight streamed into the room belonging to the brightest mind of San Fransokyo, Hiro Hamada.

The robotics prodigy and local genius lay reclined in his chair, long fingers tapping along the edge of the keyboard that rested in his lap.

Slanted eyes quickly scanned whatever document was captivating his attention as a hand came up and mindlessly brushed hair out of his face.

He remained still until moving onto the next document, skinny shoulders slumping as he leaned his cheek against his fist, expression immediately turning into one of boredom.

Somewhere, a phone buzzed.

Sluggishly fishing the device out of his pocket, the teenager glanced at the caller ID before answering, “I swear Fred,

if this is another call begging me to create a serum that induces spikes to grow along your spine, my answer is still no. “

“No, It’s not-” Came his friend’s muffled voice.

“It’s impractical at best.“ Hiro swiveled in the chair, cutting his friend off while he dumped the keyboard among the chaotic mess of his desk.

He flicked some hair out of his eyes again and said, “It would get in the way of everyday stuff, for one. Plus, it would look kinda weird, you know, with just random spikes.

What would you even need them for?”

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