Midnight Madness
Midnight Madness jordan stories

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Midnight Madness

“The Rosewood Hotel…” A picture of a glamorous hotel appeared on the big screen and a few of the students whistled at the sight.

“…Was finished in 1885 and quickly became known for its many scandals. After just a few years, there was a shooting, resulting in the death of four bank robbers and two police officers.”

“Sweet!” one of the students said. The professor ignored him and went on.

“1924, an actress by the name of Brenda Gold… her real name, for those who know about her, was Ether Goldman… was found hanging from the ceiling in her hotel room.

Rumors said that it was because her lover, one of her co-stars, who also happened to be a married father of two, had told her that he was going back to his wife.

On the mirror she had stuck a note that said…”

“’I aimed for the stars and they came for me!’” Another young man said, looking up from his notes.

“She didn’t do it because of her co-star, though! She did it for the fame!

She wanted to become a legend, and she figured that the only way to achieve immortality was to live hard, die young and leave a beautiful corpse.”

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