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Microwave Grapes

The position of Royal Scientist was not strictly talent-based, nor actually necessary for the running of the underground, but it

heavily vied for. The Royal Scientist didn’t have to worry about funding, and the King largely gave them free reign, so long as specific requests and routes of investigation were humored.

W.D. Gaster, an assistant to the current Royal Scientist, mostly had his eyes on the position so he could stop being under anyone’s thumb.

As it was, he was not the current Royal Scientist. The gilled Royal Scientist didn’t look like they’d kick it anytime soon. So Gaster was stuck where he was for the moment.

Watching over the result of the King’s newest request.

With as few monsters as the underground had, and with promise of another war on the (distant) horizon,

it really wasn’t so unusual for scientists to either test things on themselves or create a subject for testing, rather than risk a guard member or civilian.

The current project was a rather interesting combination of both subject options—several long weeks ago,

Gaster had been asked to scrape off a bit of the surface of his arm bone to be used in a cloning experiment, working on the assumption that the simpler the form,

the simpler it would be to adjust its properties to DT. There were few monsters simpler than skeletons.

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