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Chapter 1 : A spluttering turtle

Subaru took a big breath and smiled. He was going to make it. A quick look to the dusty mirror of the boys' bathroom reassured him. There was no doubt, he looked his best.

He was wearing the wide and white shirt, dark trousers and black shoes of his high school’s uniform, avoiding the beige sweater that only made his already sickly-looking appearance worse.

His shirt, on the contrary, suggested that he was rather slim than skinny.

He had untied his blue and red wine color necktie a bit, which indicated his status of second year student, and let free his hair, normally tied in a hasty bun.

Encouraged by his reflection, the teenager tried another smile, but he seemed to be too stressed up.

Since last year’s first day of school, when he was still a freshman, he was in love with Yuko Odashi, who was one of his class comrades before they were separated by their different sections.

Him, literature, her, sciences. Distance did not change anything about what he felt for her. However, the young girl was not that incredibly beautiful.

In opposition to Hana Morikuchi, his charming class neighbor who was provided with two as much charming airbags, Yuko didn’t catch looks.

Probably because of her hair judged too short for a girl and her skirt always just under her knees.

These days, high school students had mid-thigh skirts, otherwise in what would they be high school students ? All of that because of those stupid animes.

But she released a grace that Subaru found seductive… He had planned to tell her what he had been feeling for more than a year now. He had had everything made ready for it.

For months, he had observed her from below the trees or at the school restaurant, and believed that he had come to the stage of knowing all of her daily habits, what she liked to do, to eat,

her friends, everything. He had concocted a perfect strategy to approach her in the best conditions.

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