Metropolitan Koinonia
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A fanfic by fresne adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Metropolitan Koinonia

It was not a small world. It was all connected.

DC thought New York was too hard and quick. In her rush to the new, she didn't think through all the implications. New York thought DC was so very, very, very, very slooooooow.

She couldn't get anything done out of trying to think through everything.

That was the off again.

When they were on, they were a power couple running on time.

She was doing an intervention for Fargo's identity issues. Again.

She did her best. She called Sioux City once a week. She had a standing club date with Toronto and Regina.

She always brought cookies to the bake sale.

Fargo said that, but Regina told her that she didn't mean it.

It was why S.F. Needed a high speed train to bring them closer.

Oakland adjusted her powder blue hat, which matched her deeper hue blue pantsuit and said, "It was Not funny the last time either.

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