Metro City Zombie War
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Metro City Zombie War

Metro City was believed to be in the clear, well behind the line drawn just east of the Appalachians where the zombies first appeared.

The combined forces of the US Army, several states’s national guards, and a number of superheroes, including Metro Man, had driven the zombies back even further.

The news that New York City and Philadelphia were now zombie-free gave new hope to the nation that the threat was finally being eliminated. Fewer new contaminations were being reported.

Then an outbreak happened right in the middle of Louisville, Kentucky, within the safe zone. Four hundred people were killed and infected.

Metro Man and a platoon of national guardsmen rushed to the disaster, burning out the nests.

There was another outbreak in Bloomington, Indiana, as if, Roxanne thought, the infection was making its way north. Or someone was heading north, seeding disease as they went.

Without warning, zombies appeared in the middle of downtown Metro City. The police came out in riot gear and flamethrowers to deal with them.

There were fewer than a dozen zombies, and all of them were destroyed. A thorough search of the building they’d been using as a nest was cordoned off.

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