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A story by aceofhearts61 posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Justin’s awake when Luther finally reaches the alley. He can hear him running, calling Justin’s name.

Justin wants to answer, just to save Luther moments of panic, but he doesn’t want to risk making the situation worse for himself.

He lies prone on the ground, the pavement cool and wet beneath him, staring at the night sky.

The pain feels like a hot, glowing coal in his chest but it’s contained there, in an area about as big as his fist.

He’s doing his best to keep his breathing shallow, because he knows as soon as he jostles his torso, the pain pocket’s going to burst.

“Justin! JUSTIN!” Luther shouts, dropping into a crouch at Justin’s side a few seconds later. His face comes into focus, as Justin blinks slowly up at him. “My God, Justin, talk to me.”

Luther presses his fingers to the side of Justin’s neck, looking for a pulse, and the heat of his skin is intense.

Justin realizes that’s he’s cold and in shock, and on cue, his left leg starts shaking. Luther spreads Justin’s coat and jacket wide open to assess the damage.

His white shirt has a large red stain, and his tie is flecked with blood.

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