Mergana drabbles - Prompt wise
Mergana drabbles - Prompt wise merlin (merlin) stories

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Mergana drabbles - Prompt wise

Another late night shift robs Merlin of his opportunity of spending a relaxing evening with his girlfriend.

He drags his feet down the corridor and fumbles with his keys for a bit, already half asleep and barely able to function, before he miraculously manages to open the door to to his apartment.

Stepping inside the home he shares with Morgana has a soothing effect.

Though he sometimes worries about the permanence of their relationship, of this quirky yet somehow completely fitting arrangement, one look at Morgana's face,

at her things lying around the house, at the black leather couch she brought for the living room last year, even their little arguments remind him that

He takes off his coat and hangs it on the coat stand before going to his bedroom to get changed.

He is surprised to find Morgana already asleep on the bed, hugging a thick paperback to chest,

still wearing those ridiculously huge black rimmed reading glasses that make her look utterly adorable.

She gets off her work earlier than him and usually waits up for him, partly because she wishes to spend some quality time with him,

partly because most days she dreads to go to sleep because of her nightmares.

He proceeds to gently remove her glasses and slip the novel from her hands, before lifting the blanket higher to cover her more properly.

After changing as quietly as possible, he slips into the covers beside her.

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