Mentor Program Interlude
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Mentor Program Interlude

The next morning, the cybug king woke up feeling in much better health.

He checked the places he knew he’d been lacerated and cracked in, finding sturdy scabs or even fully healed shell and synthetic skin.

Still he wasn’t totally healed, so it wasn’t any sort of reset of his health. He brought his head close to one wound, looking closely for any signs of infection.

He resisted his newer animalistic urge to lick or sniff it to double check.

He was healing so well, it baffled him.

was it something about his new robotic insect body? Simply looking at some parts of his anatomy brought their name to mind, like the small bases of his energy-field wings.

He simply looked at them, and the word tegulae jumped out as what he called them.

He flexed his previously hurt leg, and again the database in his mind opened up,

reminding him of the pressurized pistons inside that made launching into flight much easier than it should for his behemoth density.

He rolled over onto his back, observing the plates - sclerites, he thought again - on his stomach, how it felt like a segment of his legs was operating under them,

and how they felt softer and more elastic in responsive to poking and prodding them.

He noticed how they tapered towards his … tail? There was a name for that part of his body, and for the twin tails that so reminded of his fine fashion choices in imitating a royal racer.

It was like the terms were right on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn’t, or wouldn’t think of them?

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