"Men Can't Get Pregnant Kaworu!"
"Men Can't Get Pregnant Kaworu!" katsuragi misato stories

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"Men Can't Get Pregnant Kaworu!"

Shinji felt the tickle of awareness flow back into his fuzzy mind, body feeling pleasantly languid.

His eyes were still shut as he tried to roll around the small bed until a weight slowly constricted his waist. It brought him closer to something smooth and cool, sending a shiver down his spine.

The brunet’s eyes flashed open and found his breath hitching as he gawked at the perfect being lying next to him. He was shirtless, sleeping and...presumably naked Shinji noted.

The two were huddled together; Shinji leaning on Kaworu’s bare chest, and the latter’s arms wrapped around Shinji’s waist almost possessively.

Shinji could hear the steady heartbeat underneath him as Kaworu pulled him closer in the embraced and sighed sleepily.

Shinji craned his neck to see Kaworu, with the most peaceful expression resting on his face.

The feeling of his bare body against the chill of Kaworu roused awareness back into his foggy mind. Now with a clear head he noticed that they were indeed naked.

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