Memos from SHIELD
Memos from SHIELD fire stories

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Memos from SHIELD

FAO: SHIELD levels 1-5; The Avengers

CC: Agent Coulson, Agent Hill

From: Director Fury

Subject: Easter Party

Dear all,

Just a reminder in advance of Easter this year, that due to the fiasco that was last year’s Easter party (and indeed all party’s we at SHIELD have ever held) there will be no office party.

I repeat, NO OFFICE PARTY. If I see a single agent not in their standard issue uniforms, a single egg, a single bunny, I will shoot first and ask questions later.

You have been warned.


FAO: Director Fury

CC: Agent Hill

From: Agent Coulson

Subject: Re: Easter Party

Dear Fury,

I couldn’t help but notice you only e-mailed level 1-5 agents about not having an easter party.

While I agree that due to the fact level 1-5 agents are generally deemed “Tony Starks minions” (whether due to their own blind idiocy or actual co-operation),

and it is prudent to plan ahead for any of their misdeeds. I still feel I should inform you that the Level 7 Agents appear to planning something. Specifically the R&D department heads.

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