Memory in Her Toes
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Memory in Her Toes

Her first step is in a meadow. She won't remember it. Who remembers their first step after all? Tremulous. Toddling. Toppling.

Plop the wee distance of tiny chubby legs on soft green blades of grass that bend at the blow. She falls. All children fall.

She sits in the grass, considering whether or not she should cry. She does. For a hiccup. It is just a hiccup of a wail. Her Aunts flutter in whirl around her. They urge her to try again.

They don't want her to give up and only crawl. Her Aunt Flora thinks longingly of lost wings and flight.

Aunt Flora wants to use magic to move little toddler legs.

Aunt Merriweather says, "Then she'll never learn to walk at all."

Aunt Fauna says oh so quietly, "We can't give away where we are."

Briar Rose laughs. Children laugh after all at odd things and lights and sounds that no one else can see. Even princesses. Even girls half wild in the green wood.

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