Memory Effect
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Memory Effect

Memory Effect

Chapter 1: Let The New Game Begin!

“It’s really coming down isn’t?” Yuki commented as he watched the rain pelt the window to his hotel room.

“Sure is but aren’t you concerned about the power going out?

” asked Akise from one of the two single beds in their room; a single candle on the night stand casting an eerie glow over half of his face.

“Not really. It’s normal for the power to go out during a heavy thunderstorm”

‘Well it looks like no one has said anything to him yet. I suppose that’s for the best. But it will mean I’ll have to keep my guard up for the both of us.

Don’t worry Yuki this time around I will protect you’ Akise thought to himself as he reread the strange text on his phone.

“So besides the storm how are you enjoying the class trip?” asked Akise.

“Kyoto’s beautiful! I’m really enjoying the scenery and getting the historical value out of our sight seeing” replied Yuki.

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