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A fanfic by kosiah posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


The crowd cheered. The Republic Cross of Glory was warm and solid against the fabric of her robe, a just reward for all her efforts.

Standing by her side, Bastila smiled and Mission giggled with a teenager's exuberance at the crowd's adulation. They'd done it. The Sith were shattered, the Star Forge destroyed.

Revan glanced at Carth out of the corner of her eye and he flushed, ducking his head down and glancing back at her. There was a promise in his eyes, and she grinned back in happy agreement.

The sun was warm. The sky of the Rakata homeworld was a piercingly pure blue. Even here on the temple steps, she could hear the roar of the ocean, not so very far away.

Surely, the Council would let them rest after this—after all that they'd been through.

she thought. It was about damn time.

Master Vandar cleared his throat, hovering at the podium on his repulsor platform. Revan smiled at him too, only a little embarrassed that she'd let her mind wander past their moment of victory.

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