Memories Trapped In Time
Memories Trapped In Time dark stories

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Memories Trapped In Time

Amy has always been a little bit odd - it's one of the things that Rory loves about her. How she acts makes sense, perhaps not the

kind of sense - but Rory has spent his entire life watching Amy and he knows how her mind works.

So when he wakes up in the middle of the night and she's not there, he has a good idea of where to find her.

It's been a month since the Doctor said goodbye for the last time - even longer since they watched the Doctor

- and Rory thinks she's taking it well, all things considered.

The days go by so slowly compared to their time in the TARDIS, and Rory finds himself getting more tired as each day passes.

He had gotten used to being always on guard, always prepared for the next disaster, and now that they're back to real life,

Rory's been jumping at shadows and looking for aliens around every corner and it's

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