Memories of a Captor
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Memories of a Captor

“Martina, it’s time to get up! You have to go to class! And don’t forget you have to work in the cafe tonight!

” a female voice called, the sound traveling up the stairs, to a bedroom at the end of the hall.

In that bedroom, was a lump of covers that started to move, upon hearing the voice. When the blankets finally lifted, a girl was revealed.

This girl, Martina, as the voice had called her, sat up in the bed and swung her feet to the floor. The Hispanic girl stretched, lifting up her arms with a yawn.

“Ugh. Those dreams, again. I really hope none of them come true,” Martina mumbled, looking out the window, at the clear blue sky. A smile crept onto Martina’s face at the peaceful sight.

Despite the fact that many people gave her a hard time about her clothing choices, Martina enjoyed herwardrobe.

Which usually consisted of simple jeans, a pair of mismatched red and blue shoes, and a black shirt with red and blue accents. She enjoyed wearing her favorite colors whenever she could.

Red and blue for the win!

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