Memories Are Made of These
Memories Are Made of These hermione granger stories

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Memories Are Made of These

"So mote it be." They all said. Harry inhaled, slowly turned and walked away. No one was paying attention, they were all to wrapped in up in what needed to be done next.

They were all making plans for his future again, well they were going to get a surprise.

"Harry, where are you going?" Dumbledore finally noticed him leaving.

"Not sure yet, will owl you when I get there." He kept on walking.

"Mr. Potter, you will cease this at once, and get back here." Professor Potter nee Snape commanded. Harry was hoping someone would get a pensive memory for him when the man learned his new name.

Harry just snorted and kept walking, he opened the Great Hall doors, picked up his trunk that he had stored behind a suit of armor, he cast a quick Reducio and pocketed his trunk.

He glanced at the entrance way of Hogwarts and begun his walk towards the gates.

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