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Memorī idō no Jutsu

The Village Hidden in the Leaves had been unusually quiet for days.

One would think that a bit of peace and quiet would be relaxing, but in a village full of shinobi this could only have been the calm before the storm.

This particular storm went by the name Naruto.

Naruto had been practicing a new jutsu. The jutsu in question was called the Memorī Idō no Jutsu.

Naruto had learned it the night Mizuki had tricked him into stealing the Scroll of Sealing and then promptly forgot all about it in the excitement of graduating.

Memorī Idō no Jutsu was supposed to allow the user to be able to peek at another's mind.

There was more to the explanation but because Naruto is Naruto he didn't have the patience to read the rest.

He practiced the jutsu on his own on various animals around the village until he became proficient enough to feel he was able to try it out on a person (that and seeing into

an animal's mind just wasn't as interesting as he thought it would be.) then he had to figure out just who he would use it on. Who would be the best person to learn from?

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