Memoirs of a Blade
Memoirs of a Blade sanada yukimura stories

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Memoirs of a Blade

Ryota could still remember the day that he first met Lady Hiroto Sayomi.

His father was writing a book detailing the Sengoku period in full, and had spent years interviewing practically anyone he could.

As the project continued and the list of potential witnesses grew, he began dispatching his children to speak to them, and with three older brothers and one older sister,

Ryota could be forgiven for assuming that he would never have to embark on such a task.

He was proven wrong in July, when before setting course for Oshu to speak with the One Eyed Dragon's wife,

his father instructed him to go to Mino and follow up on an suggestion from the Shogun's spymaster who had told him the previous year that his wife would most likely want to give her story

as well.

So with no small amount of grumbling on his part, Ryota packed his bags and set out with his guide immediately,

hoping that whatever tale the woman could tell him wouldn't be too boring to sit through.

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